The Charlotte Hornets Build a Buzz with a $70 Burger

The Charlotte Hornets Build a Buzz with a $70 Burger

Anyone going hungry (like, really, really hungry) to watch a Charlotte Hornets game at the basketball team’s home stadium, Time Warner Cable Arena, might want to take a pocketful of cash.

The arena’s executive chef, Aaron Cox, has introduced some fancy new food items he presumably hopes will be a slam dunk with fans this season, including a Buffalo bacon corn dog and an in-house-smoked brisket sandwich, SB Nation reports.

The new menu’s attempt at a buzzer-beating 3-pointer, however, is not for the faint-hearted, the bird-appetited or the financially challenged: It’s an 8-pound, 12-inch-diameter double-decker burger. The dish is complete with cheddar, bacon, mushrooms and other toppings, which, from the looks of it, include lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and Swiss cheese. (Swish!)

In addition to setting back your diet, the burger — which is being called either the Wow Burger or the Hugo’s Boss Burger (a name that nods to the team’s mascot), depending on what you read — will set you back $70. It is unclear whether that not insubstantial chunk of change will also get you a side of fries. On the other hand, you probably wouldn't be hungry for them anyway.

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