Trend Watch: Are Sipping Broths the New Juice?

FN Dish weighs in on the newest liquid trend to hit New York City: sipping broths.
Chicken Broth


Broth, bouillon

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Homemade broth is one of those culinary magic tricks, up there with whipping egg whites into fluffy meringue and frizzing sugar into fluffy clouds of cotton candy. Throw some meat and bones and vegetables into a pot, cover with water and witness it transform into its alter ego, a curative, steaming and savory liquid. Flavored with salt and other seasonings, broth — especially the homemade kind — paves the way for some of the most-comforting dishes, as a soup and stew starter, braising liquid and more. It’s typically seen as a means to an end — well, until now.

Instead of reserving broth’s simple pleasures to bowls of Grandma’s chicken noodle, a new concept in New York City is experimenting with broth as an entity unto itself. Enter: Brodo, a new takeaway window serving broth in to-go sippy cups. That’s right, doling out broth and only broth straight-up drinking. While cardboard cups filled to the brim with murky coffee and plastic bottles baring electric-hued veggie juices are staple sidewalk sights, Chef Marco Canora counters all of the buzzy fluids with his newfangled hot sipping liquid, a savory and restorative swig that should be enjoyed not as a soup, but as a standalone pick-me-up as integral as your morning coffee run. In addition to offering on-the-spot drinking, Chef Canora will sell unseasoned bone broths ideal for at-home cooking. The days of heating up a pot of hot broth in lieu of your prescriptive coffee may be far away, but this warming liquid has us wondering: Could it be the next big thing?

Do like the cool kids do and brew your own chicken broth and beef broth at home. Whether you use it for cooking or at-home sipping is up to you. And, while you’re at it, learn the difference between stock and broth at

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