Turkey & Stuffing Mini Doughnuts Are One More Thing to Be Thankful For

Looking for a shortcut to the taste of turkey and stuffing this Thanksgiving? The British grocery chain Tesco may have just the thing: turkey-and-stuffing-flavored mini doughnuts.

Most of us love gathering around the table to enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family — and many of us even relish the work that that goes into making that big meal a memorable success. But for those looking for a shortcut to the taste of turkey and stuffing, may we introduce turkey and stuffing doughnuts.


Just in time for the holidays, the British grocery chain Tesco has introduced a new flavor in its line of savory mini doughnuts: Turkey & Stuffing Weirdoughs.

The holiday flavor, which connotes Thanksgiving to us Americans, but Christmas across the pond, is the latest of several intriguing available varieties of Tesco’s aptly named Weirdoughs (tagline: “What do you get when you cross a doughnut with a crisp?). You can also feast on Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vinegar and Smoky Bacon mini doughnuts. And at least relative to an entire Thanksgiving feast, they’re a bargain: A bag of 10 will run you only £1, or about $1.56.

Announcing the new flavor last week, Tesco tweeted a message along with a product shot: “Doughnut be afraid. We bring you good news that will cause great joy.”

Not all customers were comforted. “This is not okay (sic),” wrote one. “It's not normal!” tweeted another. A third was more emphatic still, writing, “This is all types of wrongness!”

And then, amidst all the outrage (and, OK, one or two expressions of curiosity), one brave, adventurous soul tweeted this: “I've had some of those! Was amazed that they actually taste like turkey and stuffing!”

No basting necessary.

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