Raising Rice Krispies Treats to High Art

We think of Rice Krispies Treats as the happy taste of childhood; New York food artist Jessica Siskin, AKA Misterkrisp, considers them material for fashioning whimsical edible art.

We think of Rice Krispies Treats as the happy taste of childhood as well as a school bake-sale staple. New York food artist Jessica Siskin, who goes by Misterkrisp on Instagram, clearly thinks of them as sculpting material, perfect for fashioning whimsical edible art.

Siskin, a former fashionista who is currently pursuing her master of fine arts in creative writing, says she began making edible Rice Krispies Treat sculptures two years ago. She had a breakthrough moment one night when she figured out she could add food coloring to the standard side-of-the-cereal-box recipe. She instantly felt compelled to fashion herself a Rice Krispies Treat cheeseburger — and then continued to experiment with other designs.

Now Siskin has created everything from bagels with lox and schmear to Birkin bags to beyond-cute puppies, an adorable emoji to an entire Thanksgiving dinner, and even pop-cultural icons like Taylor Swift’s new album cover and the image with which Kim Kardashian broke the Internet — all using that trusty snap, crackle and pop.

Siskin takes orders (and special requests) via her Instagram account and webpage, and she continues working to push her art to new heights — literally.

"I'd like to be able to build taller 3-dimensional krisps,” she recently told Refinery29, “but I'm still trying to figure out the right textural balance between architectural integrity and edibility."

We all have our dreams.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Siskin
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