Dominique Ansel to Launch Bakery-Restaurant Hybrid — Sans Cronuts

Dominique Ansel will serve up innovative made-to-order pastries at his new bakery-restaurant hybrid, but don’t try to order a Cronut.
Dominique Ansel

After you’ve brought the world its most-famous hybrid pastry and followed it up with several other ultra-hyped culinary mash-ups and a best-selling book, what do you do for an encore? If you’re Dominique Ansel — he of perpetual Cronut fame — you open a new bakery that is not exactly a bakery, but rather (well, of course) a bakery-restaurant hybrid.

Yup, even as exotic snack seekers still line up around the block outside his namesake SoHo bakery, the boundary-blurring baker has been lining up a new project: Dominique Ansel Kitchen, coming to New York’s West Village this spring.

Ansel’s new outlet is sure to be characteristically innovative. Its kitchen will be 10 times large than the one at his flagship SoHo space, giving Ansel and his staff the ability to try big new things, Ansel told the New York Daily News. It will use “the techniques of a restaurant kitchen, offering all his pastries and desserts à la minute (made to order),” The New York Times reports, although an Ansel representative has since clarified, telling FN Dish that, in fact, about 70 percent of the pastries sold at the new shop will be made to order – which is to say finished, assembled or baked only when the customer places his or her order, “to ensure extra freshness.”

“I’ve worked in restaurants and retail for Daniel Boulud and Fauchon,” Ansel told the Times. “What you miss in a retail bakery is the freshness. So many desserts are better when not sitting around.”

At the new Kitchen, you’ll find pastries like the warm madeleines Ansel has already been serving at his SoHo space, as well as mille-feuilles, chocolate mousse and other drool-worthy bespoke sweets. You can also expect a communal tasting table. But there’s one thing you won’t find: a Cronut.

Ansel told Eater he didn’t “want to take the support of our fans for granted and give them the same ole thing."

Photograph by Daniel Krieger

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