Holy Mackerel! An All-Canned-Seafood Restaurant Aims to Leap Across the Pond

You may not consider canned food the pinnacle of fine dining, but Tincan, a pop-up all-canned-seafood restaurant poised to jump from London to New York, hopes to change that.

You may not think of eating something straight out of a can as being the pinnacle of fine dining, but the people behind Tincan, a pop-up restaurant that just wrapped up a months-long London run, are apparently hoping to change that. The all-canned-food eatery – serving fancy, tin-packed “artisan” seafood from all over the world – has vowed to take its aluminum-encased concept to New York City in 2015.

Don’t call the idea fishy. And no, this is not your mother’s tuna.

The London version of the store combined food and design – with cans doubling as deliciously colorful decor in a way, one imagines, Andy Warhol might admire. Guests could sit at tables under attractive lighting and have a waiter serve them up delicacies including Portuguese mackerel fillets in olive oil (around $11), Icelandic smoked cod livers (about $15.50) and Galician urchin caviar ($28), enjoyed with extras like bread and salad, The Guardian reported when Tincan opened for its limited-run Soho engagement last September.

Canned-fish eaters could also wet their whistles with beverages including wine, beer and vodka.

Tincan founder Maximiliano Arrocet told The Guardian his team wanted nothing less than to “elevate the tin to an object of desire,” calling the cans floating in the restaurant’s window “collectible items.”

Collectible at least until you get hungry – at which time the waiter will be at your elbow, can opener in hand.

Photo courtesy of Tincan
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