A Scoop of $817 Ice Cream? Yes, But You Get to Keep the Cup

At one Dubai cafe, a single scoop of ice cream will run you $817 – but it’s sprinkled with gold and you get to keep the cup.

Photo by: Photographer: Sangeeta Khiara ©Copyright: Sangeeta Khiara

Photographer: Sangeeta Khiara, Copyright: Sangeeta Khiara

A single scoop of ice cream hardly sounds like a splurge. But in the case of the “Black Diamond,” recently introduced by Scoopi Café in Dubai, it inarguably is: One scoop of that stuff will run you $817, according to media reports.

On the bright side, you get to keep the Versace bowl it comes in, as well as the accompanying Versace spoon — I guess as a memento of that time you blew way too much money on a transitory treat you couldn’t even savor too long before it melted in the tropical desert heat.

So what do you get for your eight C-notes and change, besides an empty spot in your pocket? You got your Madagascar vanilla ice cream base, you got your Iranian saffron, you got your slices of black Italian truffle and — but of course — you got your 23-carat edible gold sprinkled on top like the world’s priciest jimmies.

It’s being billed as the world’s most-expensive ice cream, but for that price, you think they’d at least make it a double dip.

Image courtesy of Scoopi Cafe
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