Eggs-cellent News for Lazy Egg Lovers

Check out the new product Yowk, which contains everything you need — even an egg — to make and enjoy a soft-boiled egg at home.

You know how sometimes you really want a boiled egg, but you’re just too lazy to cook one? Yeah, well, maybe not. But if that ever does happen to you, you’re now totally covered, thanks to a new product called Yowk.

Produced by the New Egg Company and just introduced at IFE 2015, which bills itself as the “U.K.’s largest food and drink event,” the Yowk is basically a boxed kit containing a “British free range and fully pasteurized” egg, a plastic egg cup, a packet of breadsticks (for dipping), salt and pepper, and a “spooth” (for spooning and shell-cracking), according to the product’s official website. Add hot water, wait five minutes, and voila – you’ve got your low-fat, high-protein snack, breakfast or lunch (aka your basic soft-boiled egg).

New Egg says the Yowk is a “new and innovative take on an old favourite,” and the people at IFE 2015 responded approvingly – giving it the FoodBev Fresh Ideas Award as well as the Best New Convenience Food Innovation Award.

On Twitter and  in the media, though, the new product, which is set to make its debut in U.K. stores in late May, retailing for £1.49, or about $2.23 U.S., has met with a certain degree of derision, with many labeling it “ pointless” and noting that it takes  no less time (and certainly  more money) to make a Yowk than to actually soft-boil an egg yourself.

Details, details …

For those who need an egg-boiling refresher, this video will show you the how-tos of hard- and soft-boiled egg techniques.

Photo courtesy of @YowkBreak
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