Are Carbonated Teas the Latest Cafe Trend?

Trend watch: Keep an eye out for fancy carbonated teas on tap or in bottles at your local cafe this summer.
Carbonated Tea

We can all look forward to getting our fizz on this summer, sipping artisanal sparkling teas — refreshing blacks, cool greens — according to Eater. Upscale coffee shops are increasingly serving them in bottles and on tap, kind of like a “daytime beer,” writer Liz Clayton reports.

In fact, it’s the hoppy quality of beer that has, in many cases, inspired the high-end sparkling tea trend. (Note, too, that Lipton is also now trying to take sparkling tea to the masses.)

Champion barista Charles Babinski, co-owner of G&B Coffee and Go Get Em Tiger in Los Angeles, told Eater the fizzy teas were a way of highlighting the complex qualities of various teas – the fruitiness of an oolong, the sweetness of some black teas.

"The hoppy tea was born as a way to work with our interest in hop flavor, but also teas,” he said. “Also, carbonating anything makes it better."

Something to keep in mind when you’re looking for something to wet your whistle on a hot day.

And if you’re looking for a drink combining carbonation and tea at home, try this Green Tea Soda recipe from Sandra Lee.

Stir … garnish … sip … gulp.

Photo courtesy of @GandBcoffee

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