A Savory Lobster-Stuffed Doughnut? Sweet!

A lobster-stuffed dowich may be something you’ll want to run (doughnut walk!) to try.

Eating lobster generally consists of cracking a shell, fishing out the pretty pink-and-white meat, dipping it in butter and popping it into your mouth. It does not usually mean biting into a doughnut.

But Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts a Boston-area doughnut destination that recently expanded to its second location, in Boston’s Financial District, is now making a savory “dowich” filled with lobster. How New England! (Kane’s also makes a dowich stuffed with braised beef, and the bakery’s website mentions pulled pork and jalapeno, chicken salad, and Philly cheesesteak dowiches, if those sound more like your thing.)

The creation of Kane’s president and co-owner Paul Delios, the lobster dowich features, instead of bread, brioche-like jelly doughnut dough baked by Delios’ sister, Maria. Inside this family-run institution, you’ll find the dowich stuffed with buttery lobster.

“People use challah bread and other baked sweet breads in sandwiches, so why not a doughnut?” Paul Delios  told Forbes of his rationale.

Why not, indeed?
Photo courtesy of @KanesDonuts
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