This Cannon Launches Tacos at Hungry Sports Fans

The University of Nebraska-Omaha’s new sports arena will bring fans a taco cannon. (Duck!)

Photo by: Juan Monino ©2010 Juan Monino ALL RIGHT RESERVED

Juan Monino, 2010 Juan Monino ALL RIGHT RESERVED

Some news that may leave you unsure whether to applaud or duck, to feel hungry or terrified: The University of Nebraska-Omaha has announced that the new $80 million sports arena it is building with many fancy features (cushioned seats, state-of-the-art scoreboards and HD video screens) will also boast … a taco cannon.

Yup, we’re talking about a cannon that shoots tacos, sending them careening through the air in all their messy glory and straight into the hands and mouths of the hungry game-attending crowd.

While it may not be the first taco cannon, like, ever, SB Nation notes, it may well be the first at a sports arena. And, anyway, any taco cannon is cause for celebration. Because … tacos.

But it may also be reason to ever so slightly quake in fear. Voodoo Taco, the Omaha establishment behind the Mexican-food-as-projectile device, recently posted an ominous message on Twitter: “Someone is going to take a taco to the face.”

Yes, they’re soft-shell, but, um … hold the hot sauce?
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