This Mug Lets You Drink Beer and Work Out at the Same Time

This beer mug has a hand-grip exerciser built right into the handle so you can drink beer and work out at the same time.

There are probably those among us who consider bending an elbow to raise a beer to be the height of exercise. Those people may want to consider a relatively new product called MugMuscles.

A beer stein with one of those hand-grip exercisers built right into the handle, the product aims to let you work out and drink beer at the same time. (You may want to wait to squeeze the gizmo between sips, though, to prevent unfortunately timed spills.)

“Work on your six pack while working on your six pack!” the makers suggest.

The 27-ounce, BPA-free polystyrene mug features an image of a disembodied muscled arm gripping a MugMuscles stein (how meta!) and the phrase “Sippin’ ‘n Rippin.’” It retails for $14.95.

Its makers promise the mug/exerciser will make “working out exciting” and help you “perfect [your] arms and divert attention from your beer belly.”

Scoff — or buy one for someone you know: Your call.

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