Homemade LEGO-Shaped Gummies Are Snackable and Stackable

If you’re looking for something to make with the kids this summer, consider these LEGO-brick-shaped gummy candies.

Photo by: STEPHAN ZABEL cr-management.de

STEPHAN ZABEL cr-management.de

Kids like LEGOs — and they like gummies. So do many adults. If you’re looking for something to make with the kids this summer, consider these LEGO-brick-shaped gummy candies from YouTuber Grant Thompson, who posts videos under the handle The King of Random.

Thompson writes that his homemade LEGO gummies can be made in “massive” quantities and are both “snack-able” and “stackable.” His method — which you can watch play out in the above video — is derived from an Instructable posted by SFHandyman, but Thompson says he toyed with the recipe in order to tailor the texture and flavor to his taste.

“I've kept experimenting off and on for the last four years, using my kids and wife for feedback,” he explains. “They gobble them up no matter what variations I use, but I've finally settled on 1/2 cup of very cold water, 1/4 cup of corn syrup, 2 packets of unflavored gelatin and 1 pack of Jell-O.”

Thompson says it’s essential to start with cold water for the gelatin. “Stir it up, then let it sit for 5 minutes before you turn on the heat. Otherwise, you'll get gobby clumps of undissolved gelatin in your syrup that doesn't look very appetizing,” he warns.

Vegans and those who avoid gelatin for religious reasons can find recipes that use pectin, which is fruit-based, instead.

As for the mold, you can find LEGO candy molds for sale online, but Thompson made one at home from a silicone mix and real LEGO bricks. (He suggests you look around online for recipes.)

“It's amazing to see how much detail the silicone can transfer to the final gummy products,” he notes. “If you look closely at my candies you can even see the little ‘LEGO’ text on top of the gummy LEGO studs.”

So cool. So craveworthy. So long — I gotta go gather ingredients to make these now!

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