Japan Can Now Dine at a Super Mario Bros. Cafe

Japan is celebrating Super Mario Bros.’ 30-year anniversary with three pop-up Mario-themed cafes.

Believe it or not, it has been 30 years since Nintendo released the seminal video game Super Mario Bros. in Japan, in 1985. The game came to North America the next year, but Japan is getting a jump on celebrating Mario’s big three-O — and Tower Records Japan (a throwback concept in itself) is taking full advantage of its head start.

To mark the occasion, the retail music chain’s three Tokyo locations — in the city’s Shibuya, Omotesando and Ebisu districts — are launching a limited-time-only Super Mario Bros. pop-up cafe, featuring a panoply of character-themed dishes. You got your Blooper’s Squid Ink Pasta, Banana Block Tira Misu, Mario Latte and Underwater Stage Drink. Or you can dig into a Super Star Rice Omelet, Ground Stage Waffle, Mario Latte and Piranha Plant Soda.

The cafes, which are the highlight of Tower Records’ big summer sale, will be up and running for about two weeks — between June 22 and July 5, though exact dates may vary for each location. The stores will also offer Mario-themed scratch-off tickets, discounts and prizes. And the cafe menu items also come with a special bonus: Patrons will receive one of eight limited-edition figurines or one of six limited-edition coasters with the purchase of a main dish, RocketNews24 reports.

Pac-Man, eat your heart out.

Photo courtesy of @ TOWER_info
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