Mindy Kaling Puts Her Fast-Food Fandom Where Her Mouth Is

Mindy Kaling has a new project: She’s “curating” an Umami Burger.

Mindy Kaling has a new project: She’s collaborating with Los Angeles-based Umami Burger — on a new burger, natch

“In the greatest collaboration since Jared and Subway,” she recently quipped/announced on Instagram, “I am curating a burger for @UmamiBurger that will debut in September” — perfectly timed, she notes, for the launch of her TV show “The Mindy Project” on Hulu and the release of her second book, “Why Not Me?” due out September 15.

Alongside her announcement, Kaling, an avowed fast-food fan, posted a picture of a tasting menu stamped with the Umami Burger logo and featuring the words “Umami Burger x Mindy Kaling.”

So how is Kaling planning to multiply customers’ Umami Burger addictions? Details are scant — apparently Kaling broke the collaboration news after only the first tasting. But an Umami Burger spokesperson told People that Kaling’s curated flavor combo will be made public in mid-August or early September — so why not wait and see?

Photo courtesy of @mindykaling
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