Would You Take Driving Directions from Colonel Sanders?

KFC and social navigation network Waze team up to bring you directions from Colonel Sanders.

Does your GPS sound like chicken? Now it can sound like KFC mascot Colonel Sanders.

In yet another move aimed at resurrecting its corporate mascot and late founder, Col. Harland Sanders, who kicked the bucket (sorry) in 1980 at age 90, KFC has teamed up with social navigation and traffic app Waze to lend Sanders’ voice to users’ navigation systems.

Not only will the colonel tell you when to turn right and where to turn left, but the white-haired, white-suited gent will also add color to your ride with extra-crispy witticisms like "Pothole on the road ahead. I'd fill it with gravy." (Listen here). The colonel will also offer directions to the nearest KFC. (Of course he will.)

"In our ads, the Colonel still thinks it costs $5 to fill up your car and that baseball is still America's number one sport, 'free of corruption and cheating of any kind,'" KFC US Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Hochman said in a press release. "But I can promise you his navigation instructions are more up to date."

Let’s hope. The Sanders navigation option (presumably voiced by Darrell Hammond, the SNL alumnus who’s playing the character on a new batch of TV commercials) is available to Waze users until August 16.

And if that doesn’t satisfy your appetite for all things Colonel Sanders, you can also learn about his history and help him catch babies and shoot stuff in a retro-rific online video game here. Finger-lickin’ … odd.

Photo courtesy of iStock
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