New Skinny Oreos Aim for the 'Sophisticated' Snacker

“Oreo” and “thin” aren’t words we think of together. The conglomerate behind the iconic sandwich cookie wants to change that
New Skinny Oreos Aim for the 'Sophisticated' Snacker

One doesn’t usually think of “Oreo” and “thin” as being two words that go together. But Mondelez International, Inc., the conglomerate behind the beloved brown-and-white sandwich cookie, is hoping “sophisticated” grown-up snackers — those of us whose waistline awareness may prevent us from scarfing down a sleeve of one of our favorite childhood treats (at least, with any regularity) — will soon think of them going together like, well, cookies and cream.

Oreo Thins, as they will be known, maintain the same cookie-to-cream-filling ratio as regular Oreos, but they are slimmer and therefore modestly less caloric. Three Oreo Thins will run you only 140 calories, as opposed to the 160 calories you’d take in by eating three regular Oreos, the Associated Press reports.

Janda Lukin, Mondelez’s senior director of Oreo for North America (which has to be a sweet title to have), told the AP that Oreo Thins are to regular Oreos as crepes are to pancakes.

The new slender Oreos — which were successfully launched last year in China and will become available in the United States on July 13 — have also been designed to be less favorable for twisting open and dunking. Whether that is because there was an early manufacturing issue with cookie breakage (since reportedly corrected) or because Mondelez doesn’t think grownups twist and dunk as much as kids do is unclear. But the company isn’t actively discouraging people from eating them this way.

"If people want to do that,” Lukin said of the twist and the dunk, “it's clearly up to them.”


Photo courtesy of OREO and Mondelez International

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