Now You Can Enjoy Your Ice Cream in a J-Shaped Cone

This cone may look funny, but it’s supposed to prevent drips and taste like Corn Pops.

Every ice cream lover knows cones come in just a handful of shapes. You got your pointy sugar cone, you got your flat-bottomed safety cone, you got your fancy-pants premium waffle cone, and there are always going to be those who prefer a cup. But now you have a new option: a cone in the shape of the letter J.

The J-shaped cone, which made its debut in 2013 in Philippine malls, where it is known as " Jipangyi," is currently a major craze in South Korea, Grub Street reports. It has now made the leap to America, delighting and perhaps embarrassing novelty-seeking ice cream eaters in New York City, where it is being sold (for a modest $4 per cone) via the Play J ice cream truck.

“It’s time for J scream!” reads a message on the side of the colorful truck, which has been roaming the streets of SoHo and the Lower East Side for six weeks or so.

The cones are made of puffed corn (gluten-free!), which is made using a special machine imported from Korea by Play J owners Chulho Kang and Rich Kion. Kang and Kion then twist each cone into its distinctive shape by hand.

The chocolate and vanilla ice cream — currently the only flavors on offer, though Play J is reportedly hoping to add green tea and black sesame ice cream soon — is made on the truck using a premium soft-serve mix. Because the ice cream is so thoroughly enclosed in the cone, drips are kept to a minimum. The cone’s thickness keeps the outside from getting soggy.

Grub Street compares the J-cone’s flavor to Corn Pops cereal, which just sounds like pure joy — with a capital J.

Photo courtesy of @playjscream
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