These Retro-Themed Cookies Will Make You Hunger for the '90s

Tokyo-based baker Ayaka Matsuno’s sweetly nostalgic cookies conjure iconic images from the ‘90s.

Of all the colorful cookies Tokyo-based baker Ayaka Matsuno has shared on  Tumblr — and there are lots and lots — the most-sweetly nostalgic may be the cookies that conjure images from the '90s, especially for those who enjoyed that very decade. (Foodbeast has dubbed the cookies “ throwback” collection.)

Matsuno’s iced treats are evocative, imaginative and playful. You got your cassette tapes, your Game Boy cartridges, your Super Nintendo consoles and your faceless heads of Princess Diana (we're pretty sure that lovely hair and crown are inspired by the late beloved British royal).

Matsuno’s cassette tape and Game Boy cartridge cookies have an added clever twist: They fit into actual cassette tape and Game Boy cartridge storage cases, which helps keep them fresh (on the off chance that you don’t gobble them right up).

Photo courtesy of @matsunyooo

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