Yogurt Liqueur Is Now an Actual Thing

You can enjoy your yogurt straight up or frozen, and now, you are cordially informed, you can enjoy it as a liqueur.
Yogurt Liqueur Is Now an Actual Thing

Photo by: Ton Bloetjes

Ton Bloetjes

You can enjoy your yogurt straight up or frozen, and now, you are cordially informed, you can enjoy it as a liqueur.

Dutch distiller Bols, which makes spirits like gin and vodka, as well as liqueurs in a staggering variety of flavors, from Sour Apple to Sea Buckthorn, Blueberry, Banana, Butterscotch and beyond, has now brought the world a “Natural Yogurt” liqueur.

Made from yogurt both “real” and “fresh,” Bols Yogurt Liqueur is said to combine a “sweet and sour taste” with a “rich and smooth texture.” It needs no refrigeration (which is perhaps a little unsettling) and may be served straight up, on ice or mixed with fruit, juice, soft drinks or other liqueurs in a creamy cocktail.

According to MarketWatch reporter Charles Passy, although Bols initially introduced its creamy white yogurt liqueur in the United States in 2013, the beverage only recently began to catch on with bartenders in Florida, who’ve begun using it as an alternative to cream of coconut in pina coladas, rendering them creamy while cutting about 150 calories per cocktail and eliminating the need for a blender.

Passy says he’s not a huge fan of Bols Yogurt Liqueur (15 percent ABV) on its own — noting that the consistency “falls somewhere in that strange and scary zone between milk and water” — but adds that, when used in a cocktail, it provides a smooth creaminess without going overboard on the yogurt flavor.

And the cocktails really do sound yummy, like the Bols Red, White & Blue, which layers Bols’ Strawberry and Natural Yogurt liqueurs and tops them with its Cassis Foam, turning it into a striated drink of seasonal perfection. Bottoms up, and bring on the fireworks.

Photo courtesy of Bols

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