First There Was Bulletproof Coffee, Now There's FATwater

And, for an encore, the makers of Bulletproof Coffee are now bringing you FATwater, which is exactly what it sounds like.
First There Was Bulletproof Coffee, Now There's FATwater

Perhaps when you first heard of the craze for Bulletproof Coffee, coffee blended with butter and oil and purported by its creators to provide health benefits, you thought to yourself, “Sheesh, what will they think of next?” If so, the answer you’ve been waiting for has now presented itself: FATwater.

The latest brainchild of entrepreneur and Bulletproof Coffee mastermind Dave Asprey, FATwater is precisely what it sounds like: H20 with tiny drops of fat (coconut oil) suspended in it. Asprey says the product, which contains 2 grams of saturated fat and 20 calories per serving, provides the drinker with a short-term energy boost, helps the body burn fat (for some reason) and aids in appetite suppression. Currently available in only a handful of places in Los Angeles, FATwater will soon be available nationally, Asprey says.

Nutrition experts tell the New York Daily News and Time they’re skeptical about Asprey’s health claims, and neither the tabloid’s nor the magazine’s tasters were impressed, either. The Daily News’ reporters compared the tastes of berry and lemon FATwater flavors to “liquid soap” and “Crystal Light not fully diluted,” respectively. Time staffers likened the taste to lotion and “sweetened” water left sitting out at room temperature too long, gathering dust; they also complained about the unpleasant sensation of a coating on the tongue.

“Two testers physically shook with revulsion,” Daily News reporter Jacqueline Cutler writes. “But one took a deep sip, swallowed and gave FATwater its highest praise: ‘You know what? It’s not that bad.’”

And when “not that bad” is the best you can do, that’s definitely not that good.

Photo courtesy of @bpnutrition