The Taco Emoji Is Now at Your Fingertips

The taco emoji is available for you to spice up your texts on all your Apple devices.
plate of tacos

plate of tacos

Friends, countrymen and Mexican comfort food lovers of the world, the taco emoji is now ready and waiting for you to text to all your pals on your Apple devices.

All you have to do is  download the latest version of iOS — that’d be iOS9.1, for those of you keeping track at home — on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, and the taco emoji, approved earlier this year by the Unicode Consortium, which keeps a tight rein all things emoji, will be at your disposal.

The update also includes a few other tasty additions to your food-related emoji collection: a hot dog, a cheese wedge, a burrito, a container of movie popcorn, a bottle of bubbly, a plate with a fork and knife, a hot pepper, a crab and a turkey. (Technically those last two may be in the “nature” category, but tell that to Maryland crab cake lovers and those making Thanksgiving dinner.)

Once you download the latest version of iOS, there’s no going back. But really who wants to return to a world without a unicorn, robot face or “man in business suit levitating” emoji? Progress, people. Progress.

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