This Is How Much American Dinners Have Changed in 100 Years

Americans haven’t always feasted on grilled salmon, quinoa and kale salad for dinner (so 2015) — something made super-clear in this video surveying 100 years of dinner trends.
Chicken & Rice Dinner

Chicken & Rice Dinner

Photo by: Kelly Cline ©Kelly Cline 2006 206.683.1055

Kelly Cline, Kelly Cline 2006 206.683.1055

We know we’re slaves to fashion when it comes to the clothes we wear, but sometimes we forget just how of-the-moment the foods we eat are.

We Americans weren’t always dining on grilled salmon, quinoa and kale salad for our evening meal (so 2015) — something the video makers at make super-clear in this video surveying 100 years of dinner trends in less than three minutes.

One century ago today, in 1915, American families were sitting down to a nice supper of roast beef and Franconia potatoes, which, while lacking greenery, actually sounds pretty good even now, come to think of it. Certainly better than fried Spam, a baked potato and lima beans. (What were you thinking, 1945?)

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