Savory, Spicy Yogurts Are Set to Mix Things Up in the Grocery Aisle

Spicy, savory yogurts are going mainstream.
Savory, Spicy Yogurts Are Set to Mix Things Up in the Grocery Aisle

It has been a few months since we passed along the news that savory yogurts were set to be the next big thing. Now it looks as if they’re hitting the mainstream and mixing things up in the grocery store dairy aisles.

U.S. Greek yogurt giant Chobani has just announced that, in January, it will release new flavors for its Flip line of yogurts — individual yogurt portions with separate ingredients you flip in to use as a topping or a mix-in — that are sweet and spicy, in hopes that American yogurt eaters will flip for savory flavors.

Although the vast majority of yogurt eaten in America is eaten in the morning, Chobani is setting out, with its savory Flip expansion, to “develop a new platform  — a highly thoughtful, highly curated, highly delicious afternoon snack,” the company’s chief marketing and brand officer, Peter McGuinness, said recently at the Food Vision USA conference, FoodNavigator-USA reports.

“We wanted to create a 3 p.m. yogurt ritual, when you’re bored at work, or coming home from school or soccer practice, something that bridges the gap between lunch and dinner,” McGuinness said, adding that Chobani is betting that Flips will be “the future of snacking” — a billion-dollar brand.

The new sweet and spicy line of flavors includes unusual (and intriguing-sounding) combinations such as pineapple chipotle and mango Sriracha. The company is also planning to introduce more “fruit and veg” combinations.

"This whole sweet and spicy thing, it’s a really exciting direction for yogurt,” McGuinness said. “Consumers are bored beyond belief by current flavors, they want flavor and texture, sweet, spicy, crunchy, nuts, seeds, grains, coconut, chocolate ... Yogurt is low interest, let’s make it high interest."

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