"Water Tasting Menu" at Dublin Coffee Shop Aims to Educate

File it under “people will pay for anything”? A Dublin, Ireland, coffee shop is now offering a “water tasting menu.”

Here’s one to file under “people will pay for anything.” A Dublin, Ireland, coffee shop is now offering its patrons a “water tasting menu.” For only 3.50 euros ($3.84 U.S.), customers at java hot spot 3fe can sample three “shots” of H2O.

“It’s four glasses of water, and 90 percent of people will see that the four glasses actually taste completely different,” the cafe’s proprietor, Colin Harmon, told the Irish Independent.

Cue moral outrage? Eh, not so fast. The coffee shop still offers its customers free filtered water — and has been giving most of its flights of water away for free, too. Harmon says he’s just trying to get people to understand the role water plays in the taste of coffee, adding that 3fe spends “thousands of euro” annually to ensure their coffee is made with top-quality H2O.

“Water has a huge impact on how coffee is extracted, and how it tastes,” he noted. “When you grind coffee and mix it with water, lots of different things in the water — calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate — have a huge influence on how the coffee is extracted.”

Harmon says people who buy coffee by the bag from 3fe, brew it up at home and gripe that it doesn’t taste great “might not realize it’s the water.”


Then again, a “water tasting menu” for under four bucks is actually a bargain compared with  this place or — whoa! — this one. Me, I’m fine with the free stuff from the tap.

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