Britney Spears Caught Regramming Food Network Pic for Her Insta

Celebs really are just like everyone else.
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Britney Spears Caught Regramming Food Network Pic for Her Insta


Photo by: Sion Touhig

Sion Touhig

By Lauren Haslett

We love all of our Food Network fans, though we can’t help but get a little extra excited when we find out one of our favorite celebrities has been following what we do here at Food Network. And recently, none other than the Queen of the Vegas Strip, Ms. Britney Spears, was revealed to be one of those fans.

Britney Spears Caught Regramming Food Network Pic for Her Insta

Twitter user Daniel Christopher caught a rather interesting post that popped up on Britney’s official Instagram account yesterday — a post of totally scrumptious-looking grilled corn. Grilled corn? So there's another celeb shooting pics of food. What’s so interesting about that? What’s interesting is that Spears clearly regrammed that photo. Christopher called her out pretty blatantly in a tweet, putting Britney’s photo side by side with the original photo, which accompanies the droolworthy  Mexican Grilled Corn recipe by Tyler Florence that initially appeared on

Yup. Ms. Spears herself drools over some of our fave food pics — and, can we suppose, maybe even takes a crack at cooking them herself? Maybe she was just seriously craving corn. Or maybe she absolutely adores Tyler and religiously checks out, or even cooks, his recipes.

We’ll never know for sure — unless, of course, you want to come to the Food Network offices and cook with us, Britney? Because we’d totally be down for a fun, music-filled cooking session with you any day.

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