Is a Blowtorch Your Next Go-To Kitchen Tool?

Is “Experiment with new things in the kitchen” on your list of resolutions for 2016? You may want to try cooking with a blowtorch.
Is a Blowtorch Your Next Go-To Kitchen Tool?

Is “Experiment with new things in the kitchen” on your list of resolutions for 2016? If so, you may want to try cooking your food sous vide — enclosing it in a vacuum-sealed bag and heating it in a water bath at a low, constant, precisely controlled temperature to achieve more consistent, flavorful results — and then (carefully) finishing it off with a blowtorch.

Sansaire has now released a companion to its sous vide machine: a searing kit, which, the company says, will add “the finishing touch” to those steaks, roasts, racks of lamb, salmon fillets, chicken or turkey breasts, veggies and other foods cooked sous vide. It’s basically a big task-specific blowtorch.

Sure, you could give your sous vide foods a nice, flavorful, savory brown crust in a pan, in the oven or on your grill, but where’s the crazy flame-wielding delight in that?

The Sansaire Searing Kit, which will set you back $159 and features a replaceable propane tank, will provide “exceptional control," speed, coverage and safety, according to Sansaire's website. And the kit's ultra-high temperature will give your sous-vide-cooked food a perfect, crisp golden-brown crust. It comes with a fire-safe searing rack and drip tray — and the promise that you can impress your friends and relatives.

“Searing your sous vide dishes with the blistering flame of a 2200 degree F torch means the outside of your meat sears fast, so the inside isn't affected,” Sansaire boasts. “Plus, it's fun!”

Photo courtesy of Sansaire

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