New Product Helps the World Do Butter Better

Say “toodle-oo” to torn-up toast. Someone has invented a product that sprays real butter.
New Product Helps the World Do Butter Better

Soggy popcorn. Torn-up toast. A burned mess in the bottom of your pan. Can the world do butter better?

Inventor and food entrepreneur Doug Foreman (the original thinker behind Beanitos bean chips) is hoping to make the world a better place by bringing to kitchens across the globe a gadget that sprays butter wherever it is desired.

"One day I started thinking, why isn't there a simple spray of real butter? I mean, how hard could it be?” Foreman writes on a Kickstarter page launched to help bring his new product, Biem, to market. “Well, it turns out, it was a lot harder than I thought. But after a couple of years of testing and multiple prototypes, we did it.”

Biem works with real butter. You toss in a stick and the device uses only heat and air — no chemicals – to melt only as much butter you need (not the whole stick) and spray it wherever you like: onto bread or veggies or whatever. (Foreman says it’s the key to a perfect grilled-cheese sandwich.)

The handy gadget, made of smudge-free silicone and brushed stainless steel, also works with oils like olive and coconut and is designed to be clog-free, rechargeable, and easy to store and clean.

How hungry is the world for a butter sprayer? Apparently more famished than even Foreman may have imagined. The product’s Kickstarter page has racked up more than $197,000 in funding from 1,465 backers as of this writing — with nine days yet to go on the campaign. Foreman’s original goal was only $42,000.

Photo courtesy of @evanvar

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