POLL: Would You Try Fried Chicken Ice Cream?

Believe it or not, fried chicken ice cream is now a thing.

Four words that prove the weird-ice-cream-flavor phenomenon has burst out of its cage and pecked its way into bold new territory: fried chicken ice cream.

Eat your heart out, Ben and Jerry. Take that, Colonel Sanders.

Fried chicken soft-serve will be among the stranger (OK, perhaps the strangest) taste sensations on offer at the Karaage Festival, April 2 and 3, in Noogata City, in Fukuoka, Japan — a foodfest dedicated to Japanese-style fried chicken, RocketNews24 reports.

While the “golden-brown” frozen custard may be “may be more novelty than delicacy,” RocketNews24 notes, with a salty ice cream base and a “sweet finish,” the concept “might just be crazy enough to work.”

Maybe finger-lickin’ good, even.

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