New Twix Spread Is Challenging Nutella for Its Place on Toast

Lovers of sweet, candy-bar-like spreads have a new option: Twix spread.
New Twix Spread Is Challenging Nutella for Its Place on Toast

Chocolate bar isolated on white

Photo by: Photographer: Samokhin Roman ©Copyright: Samokhin Roman

Photographer: Samokhin Roman, Copyright: Samokhin Roman

Nutella 2.0? Now lovers of sweet, candy-bar-like spreads have a new option. At least they do if they’re in the U.K., where Mars has just introduced Twix spread. Yes, British folks are now spreading their candy bars on their toast. Jealous? (We are.)

A 200-gram jar of the spread — caramel and chocolate, “with Crunchy Biscuit Pieces” — can be yours for 2 pounds (about $2.87), if you’re in an Asda store in the U.K., and Mars plans to roll the product out to more supermarkets soon, the Mirror reports.

The company also offers spreadable version of other candies, like Malteasers (“with malty crunchy pieces”) and — for coconut lovers — Bounty bars.

In truth, response has been mixed, with Twitter rife with raves (“ It’s all I’m ever going to eat”) as well as least one charmingly illustrated complaint about the spread’s sugar content. One Twitter user posted a series of urgent questions about how to eat it: “Am I supposed to spread Twix all over my toast? Or eat it with a spoon? Or add to vanilla ice cream?”

A Mars representative had an answer, telling Mashable that the spread is “best enjoyed as a tasty treat, spread over warm toast or a crumpet, dunked with a breadstick, or topped on a cake or waffle." Ready your crumpets!

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