KFC Unleashes Edible Nail Polish That Actually Tastes Like Chicken

Fried chicken drumstick on the wooden background

Fried chicken drumstick on the wooden background

KFC fans, take note. The chain has just unveiled the ultimate in wearable fan paraphernalia: edible nail polish!

Yup, this is for real. Though it’s not exactly considered a top purveyor of beauty products, the national fried-chicken joint partnered with Ogilvy & Mather and McCormick (the company that produces KFC’s secret spice blend for its famous chicken) to create a nail polish that can be applied just like any other nail polish but that also tastes just like fried chicken, according to a recent article on Fortune.com.

Even better? KFC plans to launch not one but two different flavors of the polish — Original and Hot & Spicy — the article notes. So whether you love the fast-food chain’s classic fried chicken or the stuff with a little more heat, there’s a polish out there for you.

Reportedly the edible polish is applied in exactly the same way as your regular nail polish. But unlike your go-to bottle of Essie, for example, once it dries, it can be licked over and over again, imparting the taste of KFC’s signature spiced fried chicken.

The one downside? This product is actually part of a campaign launching in Hong Kong to build some buzz there around the KFC brand, so, sadly, if you’re not in Hong Kong, you can’t pick up this unique polish at your local drugstore (at least not yet). There is hope, though; KFC also released a music video online, and Hong Kong fast-food fans and beauty lovers have the chance to watch and then select their favorite flavor, which may end up being mass produced in the future.

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