Frankly, the Price of This Hot Dog Is Insane

A food truck in Australia is selling a $100 ($75 U.S.) frank.
Frankly, the Price of This Hot Dog Is Insane

If you thought the hot dog you bought at the ballpark, stadium or arena last time you went to a pro ball game was pricey, check this: A food truck in Australia is selling a $100 ($75 U.S.) frankfurter.

No, it’s not a sausage stuffed with gold. The “Haute Dog,” a hot item at Melbourne’s Good Food and Wine Show, a stop in the Maille Mustard Mobile’s yearlong journey across Australia, contains pure grass-fed Australian peppercorn beef.

But it’s not what’s in this hot dog that makes it so expensive; it’s what’s on it: 1747 Dijon mustard infused with fresh black truffles. The wiener is served on a brioche bun and with a glass of French white wine, so there’s that, and it also comes with a 100-milliliter specialty ceramic jar of the black truffle mustard, fresh from the pump, which alone retails for $100 (so I suppose, in a sense, you could say the Haute Dog itself is actually free). The Maille website calls its truffle mustard “the jewel” of its selection of condiments made with “mushrooms and roots,” or as the company refers to them, “France’s noble fungi.”

Frankfurter-craving eaters on a budget can opt for the $25 Maille Chablis Haute Dog or the $10 Maille Haute Dog, which are offered with more-modest mustard toppings.

Ketchup and relish fans should probably look elsewhere for lunch.

Photo courtesy of Maille

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