Your Morning Coffee Now Comes in Chewable Form

Many of us drink coffee for the taste (an iced latte sure does hit the spot) or the sense of coziness (yummy mornings with your mug and the paper) and conviviality (meeting a pal for a cup and a catch-up) as well as the hit of caffeine. But for those who want their caffeine buzz straight up, without the sippable frills, thrills and potential spills, there is now a new solution: chewable coffee.

A San Francisco-based company called Nootrobox, which makes “nootropics,” products that aim to boost cognition and memory, is now peddling a chewable form of coffee, called Go Cubes.

“We’ve reinvented coffee,” the Nootrobox website boasts of Go Cubes, calling the product “scientifically delicious” and “engineered for performance.”

Among the advantages of chewable coffee, the company says, is the ability to know precisely how much caffeine you’re consuming “so you can stay perfectly in the zone.” Plus, they are easy to keep at hand for a “no mess … no stress” jolt.

Along with caffeine — two cubes contain 100 milligrams, about as much as one 8-ounce cup of coffee — the dime-size, sugar-covered, jellylike cubes also include supplements that are said to improve focus and clarity (L-theanine, B6 and methylated B12).

Go Cubes are made with cold-brew coffee, as well as other “premium ingredients,” and come in three different flavors: Mocha, Pure Drip and Latte. And they’re vegan, gluten-free and kosher.

Reviews so far have been decidedly mixed. Energy effects aside, some early tasters have complained about the taste. One reviewer detected “sweet and oddly sour notes” that “after a couple of chews … instantly turned bitter.” Another said that “the aftertaste was basically like drinking nothing but coffee for a week while not brushing your teeth.” And a third one admitted she “could barely keep down the jelly-like cube … despite its alluring sugar coating,” but allowed that it might be “an acquired taste.”

Note: The lighter Latte flavor seems to be a bigger hit than the others. And while the reviews on Amazon are generally positive, some commenters have complained of upset stomachs and others of breath that is “worse than coffee breath.” Sounds like, convenient though chewable coffee might be, your friendly neighborhood barista’s job is probably not in jeopardy.

Photo courtesy of @gocubes

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