A Bone-Broth Popsicle to Satisfy Your Cravings for Ice and Meat

At what point does a trend hit its limits? That meaty question may be worthy of consideration in light of this: Springbone Kitchen, a new New York City health-food restaurant specializing in “artisan bone broth,” is now selling a bone-broth ice pop.

The seasonal offering, which will be available for $4 throughout the summer and into early fall, contains coconut milk, pomegranate juice, raspberry puree, a little maple sugar and “1/3 cup of beef bone broth” per ice pop.

Although not on the restaurant’s year-round menu, the bone-broth ice pop has proven to be a hot-weather hit with customers.

“It has been a great option for people who want the benefits of bone broth, but don’t want to drink hot broth during the summer,” Springbone cofounder Jordan Feldman tells FN Dish, noting that broth is “super nutrient dense.” He adds that it’s also been popular with those “looking for a guilt-free frozen treat” as well as people coming in “wanting to try it out of sheer curiosity.”

Feldman describes the pop’s flavor as “delicious and really unique” and says the taste of meat is more understated than you might imagine.

“The pomegranate and raspberry are front and center, providing a sweet, tangy flavor,” he says. “The coconut milk adds some creaminess, and the beef broth can be registered in a subtle, savory hint of flavor that you can’t quite put your finger on.”

And you thought meat on a stick was just a state-fair thing.

Photo courtesy of Springbone Kitchen

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