Frosting-Filled Croissants Are Now a Thing

Attention, treat-loving thrill seekers: The latest dessert-like breakfast food (or breakfast-food-like dessert) to pick up the Cronut’s freaky food-mash-up mantle is the frosting-filled croissant. (It really needs a catchy name: Perhaps the froissant?)

The highly Instagrammable sweet treats are the creation of New York pastry chef Thiago Silva, who was also the mastermind behind the cinnamon roll doughnut — a glazed doughnut with a whole cinnamon roll tucked into its belly.

The croissants are available (for $5 a pop) at New York City’s Union Fare bakery, in a new, block-spanning food venue off Union Square that bills itself as “a contemporary marketplace and restaurant with two iconic bars.” Buttery and flaky on the outside and sweet and gooey on the inside, the pastries come in a variety of flavors.

They include red velvet (“Red velvet croissant, cream cheese custard, red velvet glaze,” Thiago shares on Instagram), matcha (“Green tea croissant, mascarpone green tea cream,” he writes), birthday cake (with colorful “funfetti”!), cookies ‘n’ cream, creme brulee, and peanut butter and jelly (“Dough is laminated with peanut butter to flavor it,” Thiago notes).

You can view images and videos of his droolworthy creations on Thiago’s own Instagram account, as well as on Union Fare‘s. Be warned, though: You can almost feel the cavities form as you click.

Photo courtesy of @unionfare

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