Give Your Workout a Seasonal Jolt with These PSL Sneakers

Why drink a pumpkin spice latte when you can wear one on your feet? OK, you don’t really need to answer that. (“Well, for one thing, PSL is a beverage. …”) The point is that someone — the athletic-shoe maker Saucony’s apparently caffeinated design team, to be specific — has made sneakers inspired by Starbucks’ signature autumnal coffee drink, and they look good enough to sip. (Maybe the designers’ culinary creativity was sparked by this similarly appetite-stirring Nike sneaker.)

Saucony’s seasonally inspired, limited-release Pumpkin Spice Grid SD sneaker features “rich, smoky & bold hues of color notoriously associated with Autumn,” as the company put it on its blog.

The shoe boasts a “premium burnt orange leather and suede” upper, with metallic orange details, evoking coffee, as well as a toe box the color of milky froth — featuring white-and-brown-speckled “perforated cream Wolverine Silkee Suede.”

The sole combines tones of warm rust, dark brown, golden yellow and creamy white. The rope laces are meant to summon thoughts of cinnamon. And if all of that is too subtle for you, there’s a latte-art tulip image emblazoned on the sneaker’s tongue.

The good news is that these dream-made-real shoes went on sale last Friday, retailing for $120 on the Saucony website. (Free express shipping and returns!) The bad news is that the entire lot of them — all 1,000 — sold out in about four hours. (Now, that’s a piping-hot seller.) Hard-core PSL fans may be able to get a pair of the sneakers on a third-party retail site, like eBay, but they’ll come at a premium. The four pairs currently on offer range from $215 to $350.

That kind of cash will buy you a whole lot of lattes.

Photo courtesy of @saucony

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