Nothing Says 'A Lifetime of Love' Like a Donut Wall

First there were wedding cakes, those traditional, towering and tiered confections. Then there were cupcakes, bringing a sense of fun and variety to nuptial feasts across the land. Now comes a hole new wedding dessert trend (see what I did there?): doughnut walls.

Doughnut walls, for those who require an explanation, are exactly what they sound like: walls with a vast array of doughnuts hung from them, usually from pegs on a grid — kinda like your dad used to do with his tools on pegboard over his workbench in the basement, only prettier and tastier. Word is more and more married couples are saying “I do” and then, shortly afterward, “I doughnut.”

“This is the culmination of two wedding trends: familiar comfort food with something that is novel and unexpected,” New York-based wedding planner Annie Lee recently said of the trend in an interview with Today. “People are going to familiar food in an unfamiliar presentation. Couples are moving away from formal fine dining and are attracted to doing anything interactive and fun — like going to get a doughnut off a wall.”

The confection constructions — which, while on the wall, are definitely a little off-the-wall — are a hit on social media, as well as with brides and grooms. Lots of people have been posting doughnut wall snaps that are bright and colorful, festive and fun, and also somehow tasteful and elegant. (Just be careful not to get the powdered sugar on your tux!)

Bottom line: When you spot a bunch of doughnuts adorning the architecture at the next wedding (or party) you attend, doughnut say you weren’t alerted to the trend.

Photo courtesy of @erinkaiulaniparker

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