A Meat-Lovers-Only Online Dating Service Is a Juicy Idea



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Vegetarians have their dating services — apparently lots of them — but what about a dating service for the poor, neglected meat lovers of the world?

Turns out, there is one — or at least there’s the tongue-in-cheek promise of one in Australia. The meat-delivery service Carnivore Club, which serves carnivores in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union, marked its launch into the land Down Under with a video ad touting an online dating service called, cleverly, Meat Your Match.

The ad, which, it must be said, is mighty peculiar, portrays lovelorn meat eaters with T.rex arms looking for companionship in all the wrong places — until their eyes meet and love blooms at a meeting for meat lovers.

It launched in conjunction with a Meat Your Match website, which promises to help users connect with a partner who meets their “emotional, physical and gastronomical needs” via a scientist-developed “patented matchmaking methodology, including a series of carnivorous compatibility algorithms (CCA).”

Users complete a questionnaire asking for their name and email address, if they are a “carnivore” or “always carnivore,” their favorite meat (salami, prosciutto, sausage or “all the meat”), and what they are seeking (“tasty, juicy meat,” “long and spicy,” “hot red” or “dark and salty”).

The campaign, by the ad company McCann Queensland, seeks to capture the attention and loyalty of Australian meat lovers and turn them on to the company’s subscription premium artisanal meat delivery service.

“Finding a carnivore in their natural habitat is becoming increasingly difficult in these times of vegetarian, gluten-free, soy milk, chai latte insanity,” Benjamin Davis, executive creative director of McCann Queensland, told the Australasian advertising trade magazine Campaign Brief. “It’s even more difficult for them to find true love.”

Alas, Carnivore Club’s Meat Your Match questionnaire is only a lead-generator for the subscription meat service, and the site’s promised “Tender” app leads only to information about product and delivery options.

But it’s definitely a juicy idea.

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