Burger King Israel Offers Magical Doughnut Burger for Hanukkah

But doesn’t everyone in the world deserve the magic of doughnut burgers?
By: Guest Blogger
By Lauren Haslett

If you were hoping for a little Hanukkah magic this holiday season, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that one of the world’s biggest fast-food giants is a brand that’s trying to make some. According to Consumerist, Burger King Israel is attempting to take a trendy, once hard-to-find food item and take it main stream at its locations in that country – BK Israel will sell doughnut burgers this December 25-January 1.

Cleverly called the “SufganiKing,” a play on the name on the traditional Jewish doughnuts called sufganiyah, the mash-up burger will include an original Whopper patty with all the traditional toppings – it will all just be slipped between two doughnut halves instead of the usual sesame seed bun, according to an article from Fox News.

Israeli Burger King’s CEO, Steve Ben Shimol, also told news outlet YNet that the popular pairing of sweet doughnut and savory burger “was inevitable for us,” and state that the brand is “proud to be able to end 2016 on a creative, festive note.”

Our only question is, will other Burger King branches across the globe ever pick up on BK Israel’s genius idea?

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