Food Network's Chatbot, a Friend in the Kitchen

Just in time for the holidays, Food Network has launched a brand-new recipe chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

Through fun, friendly one-on-one conversations, users can now ask the bot directly for recipes, meal ideas and seasonal picks, culling from a collection of over 60,000 trusted Food Network recipes.

Think of it as your own all-in-one, personal sous chef, food-based encyclopedia and extensive recipe box — right on your phone.

“We know that people are comfortable using Messenger, and we know they rely on Food Network as their best friend in food, so this helpful mobile experience is a natural addition to our digital offerings,” says Liesel Kipp, vice president of product management.

So how does it work?

Within the Messenger app (just search for “Food Network” and hit “Get Started”), users can find recipes by keyword, ingredient, chef or show. Type in the word “Cookie,” for instance, to surface a slew of top cookie recipes. If it’s inspiration you need, write “Browse” for a list of suggested filters. Or, try “Surprise Me,” the quirky curated feature that suggests kitchen tips and recipe ideas based on current events, holidays and fun daily topics.

You can even search by emoji.

Send the bot a Christmas tree to initiate a cute smart response, along with Food Network’s best holiday recipes (and even an animated snowfall).

Try it: Facebook Messenger

We live in a technological landscape where smart devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home inhabit our living rooms along with our families. It’s no wonder, then, that this kind of culinary artificial intelligence would make its way into our kitchens as well.

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