Meringue Coffee Is the Latest Cafe Confection

Is there anything better, when you need a morning eye-opener, a midday pick-me-up or an after-dinner sip, than a nice and friendly cup of coffee? Well, yes, actually, now there is: a nice and friendly cup of coffee topped with a spiky pyramid of sumptuous meringue.

Although the menu options and art (by a rotating roster of artists) adorning the concrete walls change regularly at Takeout Drawing Café, a cafe and exhibit space in Seoul, South Korea, one popular beverage has remained, for some months, a constant: Paul’s Meringue Factory.

The drink, for obvious reasons (meringue — plus coffee!), has been getting attention on social media, in the blogosphere and from press around the world. The coffee/confection features piping-hot espresso (or latte) topped with a towering, toothsome housemade meringue.

The Paul after whom the drink has been named is actually a dog who is depicted on the cup in which the drink is served, “blasting intruders away from his meringue factory,“ notes local blog The Coffee Chaser, opining that, although the latte was nothing special, “the meringue was excellent.”

“My only complaint with the drink,” griped The Coffee Chaser, “was that there was a bit too much meringue.”

Too much meringue? Is that even possible? I think not, although these meringue makers do push it to the limit — and then redefine “the limit.”

Because meringue usually contains only egg whites and sugar, a meringue topper may be just the thing for the lactose-intolerant coffee lover leery of whipped cream or frothed milk. Plus, it “won’t melt into a drippy mess,” notes Mashable.

See you on the next flight to Seoul.

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