This Candle Will Make Your House Smell Like Fried Chicken

A candle that releases the aroma of fried chicken? Now, thanks to the chicken-centric KFC powers that be, it exists.

Scented candles that smell like vanilla or rose petals, pine needles or apple pie, lavender or luxury perfumes are for chumps. A candle that releases the aroma of fried chicken? That’s a candle a fried-food lover can really warm up to. And now, thanks to the chicken-centric KFC powers that be, it is, yes, a thing that exists.

KFC New Zealand recently offered up a limited-edition KFC Scented Candle (complete with Colonel Sanders’ smiling face on it) on Instagram as a reward to lucky contest winners. To enter, KFC Scented Candle cravers had to share ideas for KFC merchandise by commenting on KFCNZ’s Instagram account.

And if you thought the candles were a hot idea, you may want to check out a few of the suggestions that rolled in from commenters on Instagram.

A guy named @forestwalters, for instance — whose social-media profile claims: “I smell good. Always.” — had a bunch of ideas: Kentucky Fried Chicken toilet seat covers, shampoo/conditioner, frosting for cupcakes, ice cream, baby mobiles? So much to consider.

A commenter who goes by the handle @rdurdle suggested “chicken-scented action figures.” The kids will love them.

@glitterandgreen77 would like to see some “KFC chicken socks.” And really, wouldn’t we all.

@amandamae422’s idea for “KFC dog toys or treats” is not arf bad.

There were several requests for perfumes and lotions (body, hand, beard grooming), and at least one for deodorant (“lol to stay smellin finger licking good,” wrote @monicray).

And to the people who suggested KFC nail polish? KFC beat you to the punch, releasing an edible “Finger Lickin’ Good” nail polish in Hong Kong that comes in Original and Hot & Spicy flavors.

Oh, marketing geniuses of the world, what will you offer us next?

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Photo courtesy of @kfcnz

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