These Unicorn Macarons Are Catching On Like Magic

Unicorn macarons? It probably goes without saying that there’s nothing like them — and that people are going crazy for them.

Unicorn macarons? It probably goes without saying that there’s nothing like them. And we probably also don’t have to tell you that, now that they exist, people are going crazy for them.

Introduced only a few weeks ago by Mac Lab Bakery & Cafe — a Duluth, Georgia, bake shop owned by spouses — the adorable golden-horned, rainbow-sprinkled goodies have become an instant Internet sensation, garnering thousands of likes on Instagram and generating breathless media coverage. They’ve been dubbed “the most magical of desserts,” “the most majestic of desserts,” “the most adorable dessert ever,” and a variety of other superlatives.

Mac Lab seems both pleased and surprised by the tremendous wave of love that has washed over its darling, droolworthy baked goods.

“Oh goodness! Is this real life?!?” Mac Lab posted on its Instagram account. “Thank you for making our unicorns celebrities overnight!! We received so much [love] from all over and we are pinching ourselves!”

The bakery has not yet figured out shipping to meet the sudden national demand, and it even seems to be having difficulty keeping up with demand for the unicorn macarons onsite. It has been selling out of them and limiting purchases to two unicorns per customer.

Then again, when it comes to unicorns, maybe all you need is one?

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Photo courtesy of @mac_lab

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