Candy Sandwiches Hit a Sweet Spot on Twitter

Someone on Twitter posted pictures (apparently originally shared by someone else on Instagram) of two very unusual sandwiches on yummy-looking baguettes — one featuring “liquorice allsorts” (those colorful, stripey, sugary, sometimes fruity, gelatinous liquorice candies) and another boasting slices of “chocolate orange” and lettuce, but “no butter.”

“This is now a thing in Cardiff. Yet some people claim Wales is ready for independence,” the tweeter, who calls him- or herself Ham Saladyce and posts under the username ‪@SirSandGoblin‪, quipped in a caption.

The images — and the very idea of candy sandwiches — clearly intrigued those who glimpsed them. Likes and retweets went through the roof. And commenters went nuts.

The lettuce was a point of concern for some. “I’m curious about the lettuce put alongside the chocolate orange segments,” wrote @GlennCoco01. “Don’t worry, no butter makes it OK,” responded @SirSandGoblin.

Others bemoaned the lack of butter. “I want one NOW, but with butter and no lettuce,” griped ‪@pfig‪.

Still, others looked for explanations. “Presumably the ‘no butter’ in the chocolate orange one is for the benefit of those watching their weight,” reasoned ‪@Mirthematician.

Finally, in pursuit of proof, one enterprising reporter, Ollie Cole, tracked down the Welsh newsstand owner selling the strange subs, identified only as “Phil,” and published his findings on Medium. Phil told Cole the sandwiches had been selling well and that he’d decided to offer them “just to add a bit of fun to the shelves.” Still, Phil opined, “they’ll never beat a ham salad.”

With or without butter?

Photos courtesy of @SirSandGoblin

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