Clear, Colorless Coffee That Looks Like Water Now Exists

Remember when clear cola was a thing? Crystal Pepsi, Tab Clear — they were supposed to seem healthy and pure. Ah, the ‘90s. Now someone’s trying something similar with coffee.

A London-based company founded by two brothers is making see-through coffee it claims is “the first colorless coffee in the world!” CLR CFF (apparently the creators are as averse to vowels as they are to the color brown) looks, but doesn’t taste, like regular water. What it does taste like is a strong cup of joe, but — and this is apparently the point, in case you were wondering — it won’t stain your teeth.

CLR CFF is caffeinated and comes in a bottle, ready for cold consumption. The official website promises that it’s “made from high quality Arabica coffee beans and pure water” and “produced by methods which have never been used before.”

The brothers behind it, David and Adam Nagy, who are originally from Slovakia, told the Evening Standard that the novel process contains no chemicals. The product itself contains neither preservatives nor artificial flavors, stabilizers, sugar or other sorts of sweeteners, according to the CLR CFF website. It does contain added “high-quality natural caffeine,” though, in order to compensate for the caffeine that is loss in the processing of the coffee beans.

“If you are looking for a refreshing coffee but you want to keep your smile white, then Clear Coffee is perfect for you!” boasts the CLR CFF site.

Metro News, meanwhile, compared the flavor to “water…but [with] an aftertaste of coffee,” sort of like what you’d get if you poured cold water through used, day-old, damp coffee beans left at the bottom of the filter, which hardly sounds appealing.

Clearly, curious tooth-color-protective types can judge for themselves. CLR CFF is available in the U.K. in shops including Selfridges and Whole Foods, as well as online.

Would it be weird to take it with milk and sugar?

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