Now You Can Get Your ‘Green Juice’ in Gummy Form

Sugarfina sure knows how to spot a trend, capture it in candy and conjure a coast-to-coast, crazy-big appetite for its toothsome, tastefully packaged creations. People went crazy for those rosé gummy candies the high-end candy company introduced last summer; the pink-wine-infused sweets sold out in under two hours and launched a wait list thousands upon thousands of eager buyers long.

Then again, sometimes even Sugarfina’s idea-meisters may not realize just how hungry the public is for one of their high-concept confections. See again, those pink-wine-infused gummies – but also, the company’s latest groundbreaker: “Green Juice” Bears, billed as the first of their kind.

Sugarfina first announced plans to market “Green Juice” Bears in 2016 as a prank on April Fool’s Day. But customers apparently didn’t get the joke — and started asking how they could purchase them. So the boutique candy company teamed up with cold-press juice maker Pressed Juicery to create a Granny-Smith-apple-hued gummy that blends spinach, apple, lemon and ginger concentrate, and natural spirulina and turmeric colorings. They are available in both mama and baby bear sizes (aw!) and come in bottles of various sizes that will be familiar to the Pressed Juicery faithful. (You can get them online from Sugarfina and Pressed Juicery and at some Sugarfina and Pressed Juicery stores.)

Produced in Germany, the gummies are also free of fat, gluten, artificial flavors or colors, and GMO ingredients, but they do offer 20 percent of your daily allowance of Vitamins A and C in each serving.

And if you’re like us, you probably won’t stop at one serving …

One more thing dog owners may want to note: This year, Sugarfina faked fans out with another April Fool’s joke product. “Barkin’ Bears, our first all-natural, beef-flavored gummies for dogs,” the company posted on Twitter. When customers clicked a link on Twitter, they got a coupon and a message alerting them that the company was not offering gummy treats for pooches “…yet.”


Photo courtesy of Sugarfina

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