The Queen Eats One Amazingly Simple Dessert Every Day



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WPA Pool

You might assume that someone who has lived and ruled as long as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has is a total health nut — after all, one doesn’t make it to 91 without making some sacrifices in the food department, right?

Well, I hate to break it to you, but you’d be totally wrong.

Darren McGrady, a formal royal chef, gave an interview earlier this month to Recipes Plus, and he revealed quite a bit about the royal family’s eating habits. And since he worked for the Queen herself for 15 years, there’s probably no better source of information on Her Majesty’s favorite snacks and the little indulgences she can’t live without.

So, what’s the one thing Queen Elizabeth II absolutely must have each and every day? CAKE!

Do you love her even more now? Because I certainly do.

No, this 90-plus-year-old powerhouse isn’t letting her obligations to her country hold her back from enjoying some of the finer things in life — but even those finer things are relatively simple. No fussy truffles or trendy mash-up desserts for this world ruler, no, no. When it’s time to treat herself, McGrady revealed that all the Queen wants is a piece of chocolate biscuit cake.

The cake is reportedly made in-house (or, more appropriately, in-palace), and Her Majesty consumes one slice per day. She loves it so much that, according to McGrady’s interview, it even joins her on journeys, thanks to a senior royal household chef who accompanies the sweet treat on the train, if that’s how she happens to be traveling.

Does it get any more British (or any more down-to-earth) than that? Queen Elizabeth II, we salute you — for maybe being the most-relatable world ruler of all time.

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