You Can Get Free Ben & Jerry’s Today

If you love ice cream — like, really love it — then this is the day you’ve been waiting all year for.

Ben & Jerry’s, one of America’s very favorite ice cream brands, is celebrating its annual Free Cone Day today, April 4. The company’s scoop shops, both across the United States and around the globe, are giving out free cones TODAY ONLY! You can get your free ice cream cone from noon until 8 p.m. local time. Just hop over to the Ben & Jerry’s website to find a list of participating locations.

Ben & Jerry’s started Free Cone Day was back in 1979, and they’ve been continued celebrating this day each spring ever since as a sweet and simple way to show their fans how much they appreciate them. If you’re outside of the United States, you can easily see where to enjoy a free scoop in countries around the world by visiting the Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page (under the post announcing all the Free Cone Day awesomeness, click on the link for your specific country). Over 15 different nations are listed, so you can find scoop shop locations close to home, and info for Canada also is available in both English and French (bien sur).

In order to build some buzz around this year’s event, the company is also asking fans of their famous frozen treats to tweet about the favorite flavor they’ll be choosing for Free Cone Day and using a corresponding hashtag. Are you #TeamCookieDough, #TeamPhishFood or #TeamCherryGarcia?

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