Does the World Really Need a Smart Salt Shaker?

Sure, your saltshaker dispenses salt. But what else can it do? Can it play your favorite song or light your meal with pretty colors? No?

Smalt does. What is Smalt? Why, it’s the world’s first (we’re assuming) indoor-outdoor Bluetooth-enabled saltshaker, of course!

Not yet available, but aiming to appear soon on Indiegogo and already garnering a great deal of attention, Smalt promises to allow you to stream music from your phone “from Jazz to Johnny Cash” and “set the tone of the party,” create the right ambiance with a “color-changing mood light,” and — oh, yeah — emit salt. Because “everything tastes better with a little bit of salt,” the official Smalt site points out.

But Smalt being Smalt, its salting function is not simply a matter of giving the device, which looks kind of like a high-tech coffee grinder, a shake. Smalt is the brainchild of California smart-home device company Herb and Body, and it allows you to “measure, track and control” your salt using Amazon’s voice-interactive feature Alexa, boasting, “Salting was never so much fun.”

Which is maybe hard to argue with.

Photo courtesy of @gosmalt

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