1 Mom's Grab-and-Go List for Packing a Family Picnic

The trick to packing a picnic is bringing just enough essentials without hauling your whole kitchen outside. Here are the must-have items.

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One of my kids’ favorite summer dinners has less to do with the meal itself and everything about the location: outside. At least once a week we’ll pack up a big picnic for dinner in the great outdoors — our own backyard most of the time, to be honest. kids load up a wagon full of fixings, and we head out to the nearest shady spot. To make it easier (because a less stressed-out mom always translates into more fun for everyone), I’ve got it down to a science.

What to Bring

The trick to packing a picnic is bringing just enough essentials without hauling your whole kitchen outside. My seven must-haves:

1 - A blanket, if you’re sitting on the grass

2 - Cups and a pitcher of water (or water bottles, which work better for small kids who will likely/probably/certainly spill their cups)

3 - Beer or wine (optional for adults, but don’t forget an opener!)

4 - 2 wet rags (picnics are ALWAYS sticky, and regular napkins don’t stand a chance)

5 - Forks (try not to serve anything that requires more than one utensil)

6 - Serving spoon for the salad

7 - Plates (I love those cafeteria-style trays for the kids. They’re harder to flip over plus there’s a spot for a water bottle.)

What to Eat

My favorite picnic menus feature a combination of sandwiches and salad with fruit as a backup (especially if you’re branching out with the salads and not sure whether everyone will be keen), plus a delicious dessert. Here are a few favorites:


Roast Beef Sandwiches (pictured above)

It’s all about the sour cream spread here, but skip the horseradish if your crew’s like mine and will declare it “too ‘picy!”.



Photo by: Ryan Liebe ©Ryan K Liebe 2014

Ryan Liebe, Ryan K Liebe 2014

Full of rich ham with a tangy pickle, serve Melissa d’Arabian’s grilled sandwiches taste great served at room temperature. Plus, they’re already pressed, so there’s no need to worry about squished sammies.

Tenderloin, as seen on Food Network's The Pioneer Woman, Season 6.

©2013,Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

2013,Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Serve these as a sandwiches like The Pioneer Woman suggests, or just pack up a freshly roasted tenderloin and throw a few buns into the basket. My crew loves assembling their own sandwiches on site.


Photo by: Tara Donne

Tara Donne

It’s hard to tote around hot ears of corn, but with a salad, you’ll get all the sweet, crunchy goodness in a portable dish you can even make earlier in the day. Bonus: Corn off the cob is perfect for kiddos with missing teeth!

If you can slice cucumbers, you can make this crispy and refreshing side in minutes. No peeling required.

Photo by: Picasa


Sliced tomatoes take on a sweet new flavor when you bathe them in olive oil, salt and a few tender leaves of basil.




Variety of fresh fruit on plates

Photo by: Jupiterimages ©(c) Jupiterimages

Jupiterimages, (c) Jupiterimages

This part’s easy. Slice up a watermelon or cantaloupe, or bring a bag of grapes. The easier, the better, but don’t bring out the fruit until AFTER the sandwiches and salads. Make it a second course. (Otherwise, you’ll find many takers for the fruit while the salads get neglected.)




Food Stylist: Stephana Bottom Prop Stylist: Paige Hicks

Photo by: Andrew Purcell

Andrew Purcell

These portable pies are the perfect way to enjoy cheery pie with your hands.

Hands down, these are the most-decadent brownies you’ll ever have. This recipe makes a huge batch, so I always like to stow half of the pan in the freezer for another day.

If you like the idea of brownies but want something even simpler to transport, these cookies are the perfect combination of fudgy flavor with cookie crunch.

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